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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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mid 70s. by thursday. >> send us the photos, then great this morning. >> yeah. every single moment we were good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday march 2, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." coast to coast storms affect millions. hef rain rumbles through the southwest while the northwest struggles under new snow and ice. and throwing wasteful parties. why are they still on the job? cbs news investigates. a skydiver's dramatic rescue thousands of feet in the air. we'll hear from the man who saved him. and we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener: your world in 90 seconds." >> the two waves of energy moving through continue to bring us rainfall. >> snow rain and ice from coast to coast.
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>> nasty conditions across the southwest. wet weather across the golden state. >> earlier this morning we did get quite a bit of rain. >> winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories continues. >> misery in new england. boston all-time snowfall record slipping under it. >> and a major offensive against isis this morning. >> the goal of the operation is to retake saddam hussein's hometown tikrit. >> a deadly police shooting caught on camera in downtown l.a. skid row is under investigation. >> the lapd policemen reached for their weapon when three officers opened fire. >> very concerned by that speech. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived in washington ahead of a controversial speech before congress. >> the only conflict is between the white house and israel. >> tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of moscow mourning the loss of slain opposition leader boris nemtsov. >> and looking for suspects in a
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massive brawl sending three to the hospital. >> and all that -- >> droeing a brick at a car window, and knocked out by the very same break. >> karma. >> -- and all that matters. >> grateful. >> and surviving after having an epileptic seizure. >> pulled my chute and i'm here to tell the tale. >> -- on cbs "this morning." >> so on your tombstone, first line is going to be writer? >> writer. really? is that what people put on tombstones their occupations? >> no. what they love? >> what they love? i like to watch tv. >> this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs "this morning." many in the west drying out this morning after a weekend of much-needed rain but elsewhere
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in the country winter refuses to loosen its icy grip. there is snow on the ground in 47 of the lower 48 states. >> millions of people from the midwest to the northeast are dealing with another icy commute. plows are racing to clear fresh snow and there is another storm coming tomorrow. anna warner is in boston where the new snow is pushing the city closer to an all-time record. anna good morning. >> reporter: good morning. out west mountains made of rock. here in boston a mountain made of snow. and why is it all here? of course, because the city is only four inches from the all-time snowiest winter. that record set in the 1995-1996 season. the amount was 107.6 inches of snow. now, they're using snow farms like these to take care of all the snow that's fallen. the storm hit boston last night dumping a new layer of fresh snow on a city still recovering from what's been a relentless winter. >> i do have to put plywood on
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my windows, because the snow is up to the roof i'm afraid it's going to crash through the window. >> reporter: earlier on sunday five inches blanketed manhattan creating a picturesque scene in central park and a mess in the streets. cars in nearby yonkers stuck in place. one need add shove. the system also brought treacherous conditions to drivers in the midwest. black ice caused skidding in missouri -- tumbling in oklahoma -- and sidelined at least a dozen cars in north carolina. >> your life flashed before your eyes. >> i didn't know how to control my car. i was swerving a lot. >> reporter: last month parts of maine, connecticut, new york and pennsylvania plunged into record cold temperatures. sections of boston harbor were frozen solid. a u.s. coast guard ship cut through the ice to create a path for other vessels. ferryboats in new york's hudson river navigated around a similar challenge. this image shows the great
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lakes. their surfaces now nearly 90% covered in ice. and back in boston workers are removing 950 truck loads of snow every night from the city's crowded streets, and people are using anything they can find to save those now illusive parking spots. >> we've had a month of storms here. thousands of cars still buried under snow. >> reporter: as of this morning, residents are losing those parking space savers. trash cleshgts s collectors are picking them up and taking them away. they won't anymore. meanwhile, this snow mountain is a good illustration of how much money the state has spent in snow removal this year. nearly $100 million, and it could go up from there. more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. >> that picture says everything. thanks. a hillside in hollywood collapsed during sunday's heavy rain in los angeles. winter storm warnings are still up in the mountains, but most of the rain is now moving into
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arizona. meteorologist danielle niles is watching the newest storms across the u.s. danielle, oh no. people, i can tell you, are sick of this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. a little bit of unsettled weather here with a big upper level low spinning areas of showers and heavy downpours through portions of arizona today, snow in higher elevations back to the rockies. the low let's up a bit with lingering showers heading into the day tomorrow. flood concerns here from far southeast california into the phoenix area. flood watches posted. for localized flooding runoff snowfall totals top out over a foot. could see locally up to two feet in highest elevations of the rocky mountains heading into wednesday afternoon. meantime, high temperatures on the cooler side. running generally in the 50s and 60s. 51 in seattle today. 63 in redding and 59 in l.a. this afternoon. in the 60s the most part over portions of the desert southwest southwest.
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>> danielle, thanks. the israeli prime minister in washington this morning amid growing tensions with the white house. benjamin netanyahu arrived yesterday at the invitation of house speaker john boehner. netanyahu is preparing to deliver an address to congress tomorrow. differing opinions on a nuclear deal with iran are at the center of those tensions. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is addressing america's largest pro-iflsrael group right now. president obama's possible nuclear deal with iran at center stage. and caught in the middle the u.s.-israeli relationship. before leaving for washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu paraded at the western wall in the old city of jerusalem telling reporters he respected president obama, but -- strongly opposes the agreement being negotiated with iran arguing it could endanger israel's very existence. the white house wants a deal that prevents iran from making a
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nuclear bomb. something secretary of state john kerry says has been accomplished by the interim deal already in place. >> i believe we deserve the benefit of the doubt to find out whether or not we can get a similarly good agreement with respect to the future. >> reporter: israel says the u.s. plan would leave too much nuclear technology intact. iran, netanyahu said must be denied the capability to make a bomb. a sentiment behind this full page ad in saturday's "new york times" by a hard-line jewish group implying national security adviser susan rice overlooked genocide in the 1990s, and may again. >> she's the president's national security adviser. you may differ with her, but there's no justification for an ad like that. >> reporter: in a "face the nation" exclusive house speaker john boehner said he did not regret inviting netanyahuatalee hollowayetanyahu to speak without white house consents. >> i wonder why the white house
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feels threatened. the congress wants to support israel and wants to hear what a trusted ally has to say. >> reporter: taking pains sunday to quantify u.s. support for israel, more than $20 billion in aid since president obama took office and 18 times before the united nations opposing resolutions "biased against israel." secretary kerry spoke to the u.n. human rights council in geneva earlier this morning criticizing it for singling out israel for condemnation. later today, kerry meets with the iranian foreign minister. the deadline for a final deal with iran is the end of the month. >> all right. major, thank you so much. this morning, authorities in moscow are offering a nearly $50,000 reward to help find the killer of boris nemtsov. the opposition leader shot and killed friday. russian president vladimir putin promises to find the killer. the award in moscow some suspect the government was involved. clarissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the exact spot where boris nemtsov was shot dead and
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you can see the mountain of flowers that is growing here. what has shocked people most though, about this murder is that if you take a look we are literally just steps away from the kremlin. armed with flowers and flags, tens of thousands took to the streets to honor boris nemtsov. there were occasional shouts of russia without putin. [ chanting ] but for the most part the march was a slum occasion. former russian prime minister addressing the crowd. >> i understand and i believe that this tragic act which happened twol day two days for the history of russia. >> reporter: some marchers carried banners that said "i am not afraid." in reality, many who support the democratic values nemtsov embodied are now very afraid.
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surveillance footage shows the moments before the murder friday night. you can see the street is busy. the gunman shot him four times in the back before jumping into a car. 55-year-old ep nemtsov served at the deputy prime minister under former president bourse yeltsin. under putin's rein an intolerant society. just hours before killed nemtsov was on russian radio encouraging people to attend an opposition protest scheduled for the next day. according to nemtsov's lawyer the opposition leader had received death threats tied to a report he was preparing on russia's military involvement in ukraine. president putin has called the execution a provocation, and has ordered an investigation, but those close to nemtsov say even if the kremlin wasn't behind the
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killing, they're spoons forresponsible for the wave of nagsism, anyone who speaks out against the official narratives is a target. gayle? >> thank you, clarissa. the justice department could release its investigation of ferguson, missouri this week. the report alleges widespread racial discrimination. "new york times" says the report faults police for dispo portion knitly ticketing and arresting blacks. the city relies on the fines to balance its budget. the deadly shooting of black teenager michael brown triggered widespread riots in ferguson last summer. this morning, multiple investigations launched into a deadly police shooting in los angeles. cameras captured the dramatic confrontation sunday as officers struggled with a suspect at a homeless encampment. ben tracy shows us the recordings will allow investigators and the public to see what happened. >> reporter: the video posted on social media shows the moment leading up to the deadly shooting sunday morning. as several officers confronted a
7:13 am
man on a sidewalk along los angeles's infamous skid row. two officers in the foreground handcuff a woman who tried to get involved while a handful of other officers appear to wrestle the man to the ground. in the video, someone can be heard repeatedly ordering the man to drop his gun. >> drop your gun! drop your gun! >> reporter: police say there was a struggle over one of the officer's weapons. at least five shots can be heard on the video. according to the lapd two officers and a sergeant opened fire on the man. the department says officers were originally responding to reports of a robbery. >> they just killed that man. >> reporter: witnesses in the area say the man was mentally ill. >> they should have shot him in the knee or something and rat packed them. they didn't have to kill him. >> reporter: investigators announced late last night at least one officer was wearing a body camera during the incident and plan to use audio enhanced software to better understand
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the final moments leading up to the shooting. >> a disturbing video. anytime you see an officer-involved shooting you see somebody lose their life it's disturbing for everyone including police officers. a tragic situation anytime anybody gets killed. >> reporter: for cbs "this morning" -- ben tracy, los angeles. iraq this morning is trying to recapture saddam hussein's hometown from isis. state tv says iraqi forces launched the military operation in tikrit overnight. about 80 miles north of bag c.a.d. the c.a.d. -- baghdad. fighting with sunni and shia allies. the man known as jihadi john once described himself as a dead man walking. this morning newly released e-mails revealed more about mohammed emwazi's background before he joined isis and emwazi told a british newspaper he was an innocent target of intelligence officials. outside the emwazi family home in west london good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. that's right. well, the emwazi family no longer live here. in fact, although they would have been able to tell us a lot more about young mohammed's life and especially his radicalization stleshgs radicalization, they have now left the country. nowhere in all the photos of mohammed emwazi as a happy little boy who grew into a teenager with a buzz cut and eventually into a bearded young computer science student is there any hint he'd become so-called jihadi john. >> your evil allies -- >> reporter: an extremist killer present at and appears to have carried out the beheadings of isis prisoners including three americans. he's just one of the several hundred british men over the past five years who have joined isis to become fighters in syria, but it's not clear yet where or when emwazi was radicalized. we do know by his early 20s he was on the watch list of british security services who stopped him traveling back and forth to kuwait before both he and the
7:16 am
his father were born. frustrated he wrote to a muslim advocacy group. i feel like a prisoner only not in a cage. in london controlled by security service men. stuck in the uk unable to return to his i.t. job in kuwait he e-mail add journalist. sometimes i feel like a dead man walking, fearing that one day i'll take as many pills as i can so that i can sleep forever. but instead, he found a way to slip out of britain. and complete the long journey from an apparently normal childhood in a london suburb -- to a camera-loving execution. the middle eastern media are reporting that the emwazi family who are in kuwait have now been brought in for questioning. they no doubt be asked about any clues they'll be able to funnish leading to mohammed's arrest. charlie? >> elizabeth thanks. republicans on capitol hill are trying again this week to
7:17 am
avoid a partial shutdown at the department of homeland security. congress approved a one-week extension on friday after a compromised plan fell through, and on capitol hill dozens of gop members are using the homeland security budget to fight immigration reform. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and you know republicans took control of both houses of congress a couple months ago, promising to reduce gridlock. but they are finding that that is difficult to do especially when one of the biggest divides is within their own party. >> get in an argument over tactics from time to time. the goals are all the same. >> reporter: house gop leaders reading from the same script sunday trying to downplay an internal party rift. we have difference of opinions in strategy and tactics. >> for instance, how we want to go about tactics but our goal is the same. >> reporter: the goals did thought seem to be the same friday night. >> the joint resolution is not passed. >> repoter: when several dozen conservatives bucked the speaker's plan to fund dhs for three weeks. conservatives opposed full
7:18 am
funding unless the president changes course on immigration. >> mr. president, you have usurped far too much power. we can't let you destroy the constitution any further. >> reporter: mr. rodgers -- >> reporter: but republican leaders say that's a legislative dead end. >> to allow a shutdown of these critical functions would be an abdication of one of our primary duties as members of the house. >> reporter: it's the latest in a series of intraparty clashes. on friday gop leaders had to cancel a vote on a bill updating education standards. after conservatives revolted. in january, a tough gop anti-abortion bill had to be pulled at the last minute after republican women and more moderate members objected. >> can you rahnrun a house. >> reporter: on "face the nation," is it hard to lead in this environment? >> the house is a rambunctious play. 435 members with different idea what's we should and shouldn't be doing.
7:19 am
>> can you lead those members? >> i think so. >> reporter: speaker boehner described his gop conference as family with all the ups and downs of a family. it will be interesting to see how those family meetings go this week on an issue that's of such great importance in the west. immigration, even as he and the rest of congress try to figure out how to keep the lights on at dhs. >> yes. we'll be watching closely. nancy, thank you so much. it's 7:19. ahead, why it's so hard
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. a skydiver has a seizure while plummeting toward the earth. >> ahead see how the thrill seeker lived to talk about a dramatic heiress skew. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by chick-fil-a.
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and good morning everyone. happy monday. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening right now. two men found shot to death in livermore yesterday afternoon on altamonte creek drive near winding stream drive. a suspect taken into custody just after 9:00 last night. police believe he shot the victims after an argument. a gun was found discarded at a nearby church. this is the city's first homicide since 2012. and today the minimum wage in oakland is going up to $12.25 an hour. making it the highest here in the bay area. this follows passage of measure sf by voters last november. several other east bay cities including berkeley and richmond are now taking steps to raise their minimum wage as well.
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7:28 am
good morning, let's go back out to our traffic alerts. this time in livermore. all lanes of eastbound 84 remain shut down, blocked approaching ruby hills. westbound traffic is also slow with an overturn crash in the area. also major delays right now coming out of castro valley countercommute eastbound 580 approaching eden canyon. four cars involved in the accident. it is backed up from redwood road. traveling outside here here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. getting more and more crowded trying to leave hayward. that is kcbs traffic. here's robert that. hey liz check this out. our own frank mallicoat tweeted me a photo. this was sundown this past weekend at the claremont hotel. it was a beautiful weekend with lots of clouds and hail and sleet and thunder and lightning. you name it. right now partly to mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of rain today. temperature-wise, we are in the 40s and 50s. and later today, our numbers stacking up in the 60s. pretty typical for this type of the year, the time of the year. okay a few showers possible today and then hi
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>> this is it. looks lieu you s do you need any help with your bag? >> no. >> looks like you've about got it. >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> death to america. >> isis. we'll take it from here, dad. that skit from "snl"
7:31 am
generate add whole lot of backlash. many tweeted it was offensive. but he's defending it today on twitter. he said, quote proud of this freedom to mock is our greatest about this morning. i was watching it. i was cringing and wincing. i know it's freedom of speech but -- thoughts, anyone? just be by myself? >> i also thought it was cringeworthy. >> i thought so too. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, cbs investigates why is it so hard to discipline or fire federal workers who behave badly on the job. >> plus, can text messages kill? a high school honor stay tuned could go to prison for a friend's suicide. legal analyst rikki klieman is here with the case. testing the limits of the law and fast-growing technology. that's ahead. >> it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines.
7:32 am
"buzzfeed" says isis supporters are threatening to kill twitter employees. they're upset someone is blocking their accounts. they declare war on the company. they call on jihadi's worldwide to carry out attacks. "the new york times" looks at a new way of standardized testing that begins this week in several states. in new jersey dozens of parents have refused to let their children take this test. in the town of bloomfield 97 of 250 students have already opted out. and "the seattle times" says marshawn lynch is opening up about the last play of the super bowl on turkish tv. >> i would be a liar if i didn't tell you i was expecting the ball. >> he said he would love the get the ball but he wouldn't criticize them. he had full confidence in his teammates because they had done it before. lynch is in turkey on a good
7:33 am
will tour for football. >> so that's the secret. you put a turn eric camera in front of him and he speaks. i'm always curious what he has to say. >> he handles it well. >> i like to hear him speak. this morning an australian man is talking about a horrifying skydiving experience. he had a seizure during a 12,000-foot fall. it happened about an hour south of perth in western australia. vladimir duthiers shows us the instructor's very quick reaction. salad vlad, good morning. >> good morning. the skydiver in this video had been cleared by doctors to jump and hadn't suffered an even lepileptic episode for years. he said it was the scariest moments of his life. >> yeah i'm very lucky. >> reporter: at first the
7:34 am
skydiving session caught on helmet cam appeared to be going according to plan. 22-year-old christopher jones was making his fifth solo jump more than two miles above the earth in western australia. but at about 9,000 feet jones who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child said he passed out. >> my arms go back and i roll onto my back and, yeah basically for the next 30 seconds i'm in freefall and unconscious. >> he said he was suffering a seizure midair as he was trying to mack a left turn. his instructor sheldon mcfarland tries but fails to grab him as jones continues to plummet out of control and goes unconscious. >> he started dearching. he wasn't aware he was having an epileptic seizure. >> reporter: mcfarland who's had over 10,000 jumps tried again, this time reaching him and pulled his ripcord with little
7:35 am
time to spare. >> he was like super man. grabs me and pulls the chute. yeah i'm here to tell the tale. >> reporter: jones regained consciousness at about 3,000 feet before gliding to safety without harm. he had this message for the man who saved him. >> so thankful. so thankful what he did actually. probably saved my life. >> the skydiving academy told me these parachutes come with a failsafe mechanism that deploys when a certain altitude was reached. but when he saw he was spinning out of control, he decided to act sooner rather than later. thank you so much. >> thanks to the instructor that he knew there was an issue. a high school senior faces involuntary manslaughter charges. michelle carter allegedly encouraged her friend conrad roy iii to commit suicide in jewel. police say one of those texts
7:36 am
said, let me know when you're going to do it. cbs news rikki klieman is a former massachusetts prosecutor. rikki, good morning. >> good morning. >> involuntary manslaughter. >> an interesting charge. this is a bold move from the prosecutor because the actions of this girl as we look at them as assisting, encouraging, pushing, that is through text messages, not literally pushing, it doesn't fit in any neat statute. it's not cyber bullying. it's not harassment. it's not stalking. the prosecutor says this is reprehensible conduct, disgusting conduct, horrible conduct, must be punished conduct, so he goes forward and says let's call this involuntary manslaughter. does it neatly fit in that definition? not so much. we really are going to have a test case here. >> okay. but whether or not it fits under involuntary manslaughter or suicide, whatever it's going to be, these texts are very
7:37 am
incriminating, are they not? >> they're horrendous. one of the things that happens as we heard is a thousand texts within days coming up to this event. this is a boy whoo has tried to commit suicide in the past. she knows this. she is literally encouraging him. at some point he's in the car. this is carbon monoxide poisoning. he's in the car. he gets out of the car. she tells him to go back in the car. later on she tells him -- when i say tells him, it was through the text. later on she actually texts a friend and admits i was on the phone with him, he got out of the car because it was working. he got scared and i told him to get back in. >> so what's her motivation? >> people says she likes to be in the midst of the story. she likes high drama. she wanted to be part of this story. her conduct afterward is highly bizarre. she's actually raising funds for suicide prevention. >> isn't it illegal to encourage
7:38 am
someone to commit suicide when they're going to do it? >> this is a legality. if you text technology and the law, always that dilemma, if you text with that encouragement, are you also guilty of a manslaughter? this is a case to watch. >> you said in the beginning it looks bad. it sounds awful. thank you rikki. all right. they abuse the system and keep their jobs so why are the federal government's hands tied? >> how much is this costing the taxpayers? >> there's no question that taxpayers are losing, you k there's a lot more ahead. we'll be right back.
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a cbs news investigation looks at how hard it is for the
7:43 am
government to discipline or fire employees who behave badly. it ranges from extravel gant to explicit. don dahler with how it may be backfiring and costing you big. don, good morning. >> good morning. in the private sector if you're caught viewing porn or on company time or intimidating a co-worker, you'd probably be fired immediately. not so if you're a federal employee. at the environmental alt protection agency red tape is preventing the removal of a top-level employee accused of viewing porn two to six hour as day while at work since 2010. even though investigators found 7,000 pornographic files on his computer and even caught him, he remains on the payroll. >> this person is on administrative leave with pay. why didn't you fire this person? >> i actually have to work through the administrative process as you know. >> reporter: that administrative process is the civil service protection system, rules to
7:44 am
protect againsticly motivated firings. they give employees the right to appeal a termination, a process that could take up to two years. >> there ooh a big difference between trying to protect against that and what we have today. >> reporter: he says those rules make it nearly impossible to fire poor performers or problematic employees, even when they've committed egregious violations. >> many managers would like to get rid of problem employees and find that they have to go through a challenging process. >> reporter: a cbs news analysis of cases under review by the systems review board found other instances of employees who had committed seemingly fireable offenses but were later reinstated to their jobs often with back pay and interest. ♪ we're at the wrc tonight ♪ >> cases such as this are no
7:45 am
exception. three years ago the general services administration spent more than $800 on the lavish vegas conference. 1,000 sushi rolls were served and a clown and a mind reader were hired for entertainment. two managers got fired but got their jobs back. >> what does it take to be fired from the gsa? >> there's a lock-standing due process they're entitled to as part of their employment. we've start thad process for several individuals that were involved in execution and planning of this conference. >> the appeals board found that while the conference's level of zrav against has no place in government the gsa did not convincingly approve that they had notice of this. the gsa was ordered to cancel the appellant's removals.
7:46 am
one manager said he tried for more than a year to fire an employee who was intating employees and superiors. at one point he even chase add manager down the hall. in exchange he sent menacing e-mails. he said i can stand over you two. i am 6 foot 3 and weigh 265 and i am not backing down. and by the way, i do know where you live. >> the general procedure, how much is it costing the taxpayers? >> no question they're losing hundreds of millions of dollars. they're losing more than that because they're losing the ability to get the very best out of government. >> congressman jason chaffetz hopes to change that. >> we're going to pass some legislation that deals with some of these specific things like pornography. at some point common decency and
7:47 am
the recognition that if you're not doing your job and you're creating a hostile work environment, you've got to go. on average about 6,000 terminations are appeal each year. about half of those are related to misconduct and poor performance. >> one of those things don that makes no sense. >> i heard everything you said and i'm still going huh? >> it was set up initially to protect employees when there's a new administration that comes in so you can't have vengeance firings but it's really abuse it's gone all the way to the other side. too many americans do not get enough sleep, no kidding. why pain is keeping people up at night. talk about pains, big pains as people
7:48 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. every challenge is an opportunity. prudential. bring your challenges.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
lady gaga piggybacked a ride from her fiancee on icy lake michigan in 20-degree weather. vince vaughn also took the i'll have to take their word for it. >> i shiver when i watch it. >> me too. >> ahead, what's next for lumber liquidateors after the special "60 minutes" report.
7:53 am
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good monday morning everyone, it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. here's some of the headlines around the bay area right now. a $20,000 reward offered for any information leading to the arrest of the killer of a 14- year-old oakland boy. devon ellis was shot just before 8:00 saturday night on brook dale avenue. neighbors said they heard gunshots and then a car speeding off. a woman suffer serious injuries when she was attacked by her pit bull. investigators say the victim was bitten on the face. the arms and legs. inside her home. pit bull was turned over to animal services. and the bay area's highest minimum wage is now if the city of oakland. starting today workers will make at least $12.25 an hour and voters passed the increase last november along with paid
7:57 am
sick leave. traffic
7:58 am
good morning, if you're traveling in san jose, you may want to know about this traffic alert. it's an overturn big rig on its side actually and it was hauling a bunch of furniture and right now several lanes are blocked. this is all happening in the southbound lanes of 101 approaching 880. kcbs sky 3 is heading to the scene. meanwhile kcbs sky one is also heading to the scene of this crash. it was from an earlier high speed chase. westbound 80 san pablo dam road. maybe jr. delays from hercules. that's kcbs traffic. here's roberta. he tweeted me this photograph from this weekend. when we had all the clouds and the beautiful sunset. this as seen from telegraph hill. thank you tweet me the photos at -- there you have it transamerica building. 450s and 50s out the door. later today we're talking about highs in the 60s. few scattered
7:59 am
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good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, march 2nd 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a 60 minutes report on lumberly quick day tors flooring that failed safety standards. what the report means for the company. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. >> areas of showers and heavy downpours in arizona today. snow in the higher elevations when you get back to the rockies. >> boston is only four inches from the snowiest winter in 1995 and 1996. >> i'll be speaking in congress tomorrow. my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president
8:01 am
obama. >> this is the exact spot where he was shot dead. you can see the mountain of flour flowers. >> investigations are being launched into a deadly police shooting in los angeles. the middle eastern media are reporting that the family in kuwait has been brought in for questioning. sky diver in this video paralyzed and dropping at over 100 miles per hour. he said it was the scariest moment of his life. is this really an illegality? someone wants to commit suicide, they are going to do it any way. technology and the law, there's always a dilemma. hillary clinton stressed the need for compromise in washington saying she hopes to lead the country into quote, a warm purposele space, which is the same line grimis uses to get you into his windowless van.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. parts of the west are getting more rain this morning while los angeles dries out from sunday storms. millions from the midwest are dealing with another round of snow. new picture this is morning show a barn roof that collapsed under the weight of the snow south of boston. firefighters rescued several horses inside. >> another winter storm is moving from the rockies into the midwest. it will bring snow ice and rain to the northeast by tomorrow night. there could be enough snow to break boston's all-time record for a single winter. a lockdown at the white house has been lifted after someone tried to sneak in this morning. a man tried to enter the white house as a construction worker left. the suspect was stopped at the gate and questioned. he became combattive and had had to be subdued. agents then arrested him. he's not yet been identified. wall street suspended trading in lumber stock after shares fell 25% after last
8:03 am
night's "60 minutes" report that shares of the retailer more than 20% on wednesday when the company's ceo revealed that they were investigating. anderson cooper shows us how the flooring contains toxic formaldehyde. undercover cameras were inside the mills where employees admitted they are not compliant with health and safety standards. >> the general manager said lumber liquidators is one of their biggest customers. >> how long have you been selling this? >> it means it's compliant with california law but listen to what the general manager told us. >> i have to be honest with you. it's not carb 2. yes, you can. it's just the price.
8:04 am
>> that's the same thing the undercover team was told at all three mills they visited. >> all this stuff here all their labeling is 2, right? but it's not? >> it's not. >>. remember the the founder and chairman says he trusts the chinese mills his company uses. >> employees at all three mills told us the laminates they make for you are not carb 2 compliant. look at this. >> we shared some of our hidden camera footage with him. >> is this carb 2? >> no, no. i have to be honest with you, it's not carb 2. >> i don't know the whole situation here. we will be in that mill tomorrow and test it and that is not anything we can condone in any way to save a cent. >> so this concerns you? >> yeah yeah of course. >> lumber liquidators deny they violate laws.
8:05 am
they are reviewing their processes in china. the company also acknowledged the criminal charges against them under an act aimed at curbing the illegal harvest of hardwoods. there's a lot to talk about here. they are trying to address the concerns on twitter. what if you're a consumer that you know you have flooring from this company? >> i think it's very much in flux. you're in a wait and see. if you can afford to do it some people are ripping up their own floors. but for other people you don't want to go through that expense. you'll have to wait to see if the investigation kicks off whether the company will find something and have remediation process. . unfortunately if you are someone who has those floors you have to keep an eye or the story. we're waiting to see. >> what do you expect the fall out to be just the news there was going to be a story caused the stock to drop. >> in the last year through friday's close, they are down by half. that was after a big rise in 2011 to 2013 partially because
8:06 am
they cut their costs down oun the floors. >> what about the two men bringing the lawsuit back by a group of wall street investors? >> so these are called short sellers. they are people who bet against company's fortunes. what they did is go back and say why is that lumber lyly kwi daders were able to cut their costs. there was cheap flooring and that's how the company made so much money. they put bets on the table and they are now shorting the stock meaning they are betting against the fortunes of the stock. so far, a pretty good bet after last week and today. >> it's interesting that there's investor money behind those bringing the lawsuit. does it matter legally that the flooring is made in china and not in the u.s.? >> not at all. it's going to be lumber liquidators liebt. >> thank you. this morning, prince william is in china for the first time to strengthen british-chinese
8:07 am
ties. he visited a neighborhood and stopped at a courtyard home renovated with funds from his dad's charity. he walked through the forbidden city. his grandmother stopped in the same place during a visit 30 years ago. ahead on "cbs this morning," dr. holly phillips is in our green room with a survey on what's keeping us awake u at night. the
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by subway. try the neuterky italiano melt today. eat fresh. larry david's mom was concerned for her son's job security. >> hey, mom, this is me, the show is number one. you know what she said? do they think you're doing a
8:09 am
good job, larry? are they going to fire you? >> no, she would not. >> did they tell you you're doing well? did they say you're doing a good job? she would. >> that's a mom for you. ahead, more hilarious moments from larry's chat with charlie on "60 minutes." you are watching "cbs this morning." >> charlie looked handsome in his orange sweater. >> a lot of people said something about the sweater. >> we'll be right back. orange? >> that charlie looks good in color.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
in in our morning rounds a sur
8:14 am
survey on sleep may be an overlooked sleep disorder. the implications go beyond feeling refreshed. dr. holly is with us this morning. help us understand here what pain does to sleep. >> one of the very interesting aspects of the survey was a survey of a thousand people asked about their sleep habits, overall health and their pain levels. when it comes to pain the researchers were surprised at how common it was in our sleep. people who had chronic pain ended up with a 42-minute sleep debt a week. this is really impactful because 57% of americans reported having acute or chronic pain in the survey. >> so they used pain medications. >> pain medications are a problem. it's sort of counterintuitive.
8:15 am
they make us drowsy so you think you're getting better sleep. but actually being under the influence of pain medicines changes how our sleep cycle gos. you might not spend as much time in deep sleep, the truly refreshing sleep and more time in light sleep. so even if you're in bed for your 7 to 9 hours, you might not get the quality sleep you need. >> deep sleep, the holy grail, help me. get some more of that. i can't even go there. >> the key thing here is to drink less alcohol and get more exercise. >> and she is right. but the headline of this research really was that the difference between people who get enough sleep and people who don't is motivation. >> you have pain issues and you have sleep issues. what are you supposed to do with that? >> again, i think it comes down to motivation. you do what you can. >> you're motivated, you're still a mess.
8:16 am
>> it's true. it's about prioritizing the sleep. making sure you're not on too much pain medicine and doing exercises, yoga trying to cut down on things we know interfere with sleep. just scheduling it. many times we'll schedule meetings, schedule school pickups, but we won't schedule our 7 to 9 hours of sleep and cancel things that interfere with it. that's where we'll see the difference. >> how about the people that don't get seven to nine hours and function all right? are they telling the truth? >> a large portion of my practice does that and i'm focused on it. fatigue is only one sign of sleep. sleep deprivation. there are others we can't pick up. changes in mood, changes in our memory, and risk for illnesses. because you feel fine doesn't mean you're getting enough sleep. >> i could turn into mad at any
8:17 am
moment. >> more sleep is better. >> i can have an excuse. >> thank you. >> holly, thank you so much. >> she's still here. he's making history. meet the young wrestler inspiring others. she takes down the competition. >> this is an amazing story. >> we saw this story in the paper and said that's a great story. that's next. here on "cbs this morning." "cbs this morning". "cbs this m "cbs this morning" sponsored by cottonelle. go cottonelle. go commando. why do you think ripples are so great? probably ripples would just clean better. yeah, why? just...would pick up more layers. do you feel confident enough to go commando? go commando...uh...yeah sure. congratulations!
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8:21 am
this morning a trail-blazing teenage high school student with her performance. she wrestled boys at the south dakota state tournament. elaine quijano is here with a story you'll see only on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. she took it up in grad school. she still faces resistance as a young woman competing in the traditionally male sport. as the only girl as a tournament dominated by boys 15-year-old ron na heaton worrying about her hair. >> i don't like it all over the place. >> but not because she's overly
8:22 am
self-conscious. ronna is a wrestler it's a sport the high school sophomore has devoted herself to since the third grade. so even though she's the first female to ever participate in south dakota's stiet wrestling tournament, she's treating it like any other competition. >> i've already been in the crowd like this before. it feels like any other tournament or match. i'm out there, trying to work hard and grind it out and beat them. >> ronna has had plenty of success in the sport she's love. she even traveled to sweden in part of a development team. this year almost 12,000 female wresters will compete. a few states have enough competitors to warrant all girl leagues but not south dakota. title ix gives women the right to grapple with the boys but not everyone is on board with the
8:23 am
idea. >> girls don't wrestle. >> good for boys. >> in several matches boys forfeited matches rather than compete against her. tim heaton is ronna's dade. >> boys that didn't wrestle her they were pretty confident they weren't going to beat her and didn't want that. >> i have never wrestle add female and i have nothing against it. if they want to join the sport, they can. >> he had early doubts about ronna but now sees her as a another wreftd ler. >> she goes out and competes like the others. i'm proud of her. she's doing a helluva job. >> scott miller is ronna's coach. >> she is slowly turning into one of our better wrestlers. a lot of people are watching her and realize it's not garrell issue. it's a wrestler issue and she's a very good wrestler.
8:24 am
>> her talent on the mat lead her to a seventh place fin innish. she's now the first female in the state to accomplish that feat. ronna knows she'll continue to be faced with complaints about being in a competition that's male-dominated sport. >> i'm still going to wrestle. they can't stop me. >> several of ronna's state competitors declined a quest for an interview. she's already getting interest from many conferences that offer women's wrestling programs. >> great. >> and her competitors welcomed it? >> well not everyone at first, but once she gets out there, they see she is equally qualified to be out there. >> i love they said it's not a girl issue. it's wrestler issue and her competitor said she's doing a helluva job. >> i loved her dad. i love heard dad. >> great story. ahead, the most unstoppable
8:25 am
men in baseball with the gorgeous blue eyes. cal ripken jr., good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich. time for some news headlines. two men found shot to death in livermore yesterday afternoon on altamont creek drive near winding stream drive. a suspect was taken into custody just after 9:00 last night. police believe he shot the victims after an argument. a gun was found discarded at a nearby church. this is the city's first homicide since 2012. and today the minimum wage in oakland is going up to $12.25 an hour. making it the highest here in the bay area. this follows passage of measure sf by voters last november. several other east bay cities including berkeley and richmond are now taking steps to raise their minimum wage as well. and san francisco voters have
8:26 am
already approved a gradual increase over the next three years. gas prices are up nearly 50 cents in the last week. and they're expected to keep rising. right now the average for a gallon of regular is $3.36 in san jose. $3.33 in oakland and $3.44 in san francisco. and analysts expect prices to jump another 20 cents in the next few weeks. peaking in late ♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪ ♪turn around!♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air.♪ ♪turn around barry!♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack!♪
8:27 am
now try fiber one protein bars with the great new taste of cookies and crème.
8:28 am
good morning, i want to show you a live picture of this overturned big rig hauling a load of furniture in san jose. still on its side and as you can see from this camera and it's still blocking two lanes. it's all happening in the southbound lanes of 101 right before the 880 interchange. and that connector ramp is also blocked. so you'll notice the delays in the area. traffic alert has been issued. and it's not our only major hot spot out there. we also had an earlier high speed chase it was westbound 8 # by san pablo dam road. and we're still seeing major delays from hercules with two lanes blocked. that's kcbs traffic. here's roberta. good morning, look what will greet you. we have mostly cloudy skies throughout most of the bay area at this time. carry that umbrella to be on the safe side. we're in the 50s and 40s going up to the 60s to the inland areas, west winds 10 to 20 with a few scattered showers possible today.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour why larry david's mom wanted him to be a mailman. the comedian takes charlie on a tour of his childhood home. you ee seal moments that shaped h is career, plus part of the conversation that didn't air on "60 minutes" last night like why he doesn't like therapy. >> that's a great interview. plus speaking of a good interview, cal ripken jr. still holds the record for most consecutive games. baseball's iron man is here to talk about the come back of a-rod, the plan for shorter games and a new kid's book. that's ahead.
8:31 am
the japan times says china tees wild panda population is making a comeback. they jumped nearly 17% over a decade. by the end of 2013 there were more than 1,800 in the wild. they credit conservation efforts. the show featured models and their children. it was called la viva la mama and featured mother hood. some of the drawings were by children. >> i thought that was a pretty scene. very nice. and "the hollywood reporter" says william shatner spoke about leonard nimoy and responded to the backlash over funeral. >> he said i feel really awful. here i am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried. he said unlike fox nimoy was
8:32 am
warm and loving. he admits he's not always an emotional man but in the career spanning decades he's brought laugher to the audiences worldwide. now he's bringing his worldwide wit to broadway. david talked to me on "60 minutes," including moments you did not see last night. >> you're not giek atood add psychoanalysis. >> i'm very good at it. >> the two questions is who is larry david and why is the big question. >> i would say larry david is the guy you see on "curb your enthusiasm. knotts knotts >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> why do you say that? >> that's who i aspire to be. >> aspire to be. >> yes. >> that's an act -- >> that's real. this is the act. >> that's not real.
8:33 am
you know what your friends say? sweetheart. kindest guy i know. lovely lovely guy. >> by the way, that's the act. >> that's not the guy i see on tv. >> no. the sweetheart is the act. >> his latest act is a broadway comedy about family dysfunction. it's called "fish in the dark." his character is a familiar one, that of a crusty curmudgeon who fights what his mother, his brother, his housekeeper and wife other just about everybody. >> the character is very similar to me. okay it's me. yeah. >> that was a wonderful, wonderful eulogy. >> reporter: sometimes his characters are so similar to the man it's easy to get confused. >> larry, larry -- >> on the hbo show "curb your enthusiasm" his character was actually named larry david. he was politically incorrect a
8:34 am
jurk and an inequal opportunity -- >> let me ask you. does she have any proclivity toward chopsticks? >> david and jerry seinfeld created the seinfeld. the character closest to their heart was the wild and wheel will george costanza. many of his stories are from real life experiences including those from his childhood. >> this was my apartment. this is write i grew up. 1-h? >> this is where my aunt unkl and cousins grew up. >> the current residents, the galinskys invited us in. >> look at my kitchen. this is where the profile is flooded with warm emotional
8:35 am
memories. >> curb your enthusiasm. >> i've moved on. >> this is where she made you and created you along with your father. >> i feel nothing. >> gave you the confer dense to go out. >> oh, yeah. >> don't you feel that? >> no. >> what part do you have? i'm completely devoid of any feels what sore at this moment. >> the davidsson' apartment was a lot like seinfeld. he remember as lot of relatives and friends constantly running in and out a lot of yelling and no privacy. we moved on to junior high to the story of his junior days. >> in junior high school and high school i did not participate in anything. i didn't even know things were going on. >> yes, you did. >> i didn't even know there was a prom okay? >> you didn't go to the prom? >> not only didn't i go. did not know about it.
8:36 am
this is it. >> this is the very spot where he made his only previous appearance at age 13 in the school play "charlie's aunt" wearing a dress. >> this is your class. tell me if you can find yourself. >> oh, there i am. >> you're a good looking kid. >> kid, yes, cute kid. >> what would you have written for your captain alt that time? >> lost at sea. >> did you feel lost at sea? >> yeah. the prom story's true. i didn't know there was a prom so, you know. >> that say as lot. >> that says a lot. >> didn't know. >> didn't know. >> here's what they should have written about you. >> out of it. >> yeah. no. didn't go didn't know. >> that's it. perfect. yeah. i wish i came up with that answer, yeah. >> but he does concede that growing up in brooklyn gave him all sorts of material for later use, some of it very close to the bone. >> what did your mother want you to be? >> a mailman.
8:37 am
>> a mailman? >> yes. she wanted me to work in the post office. >> because it was safe in. >> safe yes secure. paychecks. >> pension. >> yeah. that was her dream, by the way. that was a dream. >> did you want to call them up and say, hey, mom, look at me? >> yeah. yeah. hey, mom, did you see the show is number one, mom. >> exactly. >> and you know what she'd say? >> what? >> do you think they think you did a good job, laerry, are they going to fire you? >> no, she did not. >> would she say it yeah she would. weekly. >> what impact would that have on you. >> nothing. >> by then you knew. >> yeah yeah yeah of course. she was nervous i was going to get fired. she never was completely secure in the fact that i was able to do this. >> getting out of the house, going to the university of maryland liented his mood. people actually enjoyed his
8:38 am
emerging sense of humor. after college he became friends with fellow funny man richard lewis and david starting doing standup, but it was not his finest hour. >> you know, when you do standup, there's certain requirements you have to do. you go on stage. when you get introduceding, you say, hey how are you doing, how are you. >> you didn't like it. >> it was false for you. >> it was false. i couldn't do it. >> sometimes you said you would take a look at the audience and not go on. >> yeah did that one once. i got up on stage, looked them over and said i don't think so and i left. >> this is great. great stuff. great progress. >> nope for bring liz own experiences to the screen and now to the stage, larry david is not completely extinct with the characters he's created. >> i want to travel with her on bicycles scuba diving. >> but you never wanted therapy at all. >> no no. i mean i tried it?
8:39 am
what happened? >> oh i couldn't stand it. this exploration of the self. >> you just told me you get up every morning thinking about self. >> yes, but that's different than talking to another person about it and actually saying it out loud. >> it's harder, isn't it? >> who wants -- this is a human being you're talking to who's a judgment mental human being. why am i telling them anything? i think it just exacerbates everything because then you just become more focus on yourself. here you are talking about yourself for 15 minutes in some session. you're crying, filled with self pity and self-loathing. it's a horrible situation. why put yourself through that and for what? it does no good at all. you know what does good? money and a girlfriend. >> that's great. i love that clip. it wasn't in last night was it? >> no no no.
8:40 am
that's what they've done. they found all these gems that didn't make the piece. >> charlie i think he ought to talk to you. that's what i think. forget about the therapy. it was such a good back-and-forth give and take between the two of you. you're very different but very talent. you drew a lot of things out of him. >> you pushed him beyond the act. >> norah didn't you say, that's true that's true. >> i like him so much. >> everybody does. i can't wait to see that flag. everybody does. baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr., he's here in studio 57. there he is talking on the green room. he's
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
cal rip tin jr. spent his entire 21-year career as a shortstop and third baseman with the baltimore orioles. the iron man will always be known for playing a record 2,632 consecutive games in 17 seasons. wow. he broke lou gehrig's record of 2,131 games, and now in retimer cal ripken enjoys sharing his life experiences with kids through a series of books. the new installment is out. it's called "out at home."
8:45 am
cal ripken we're glad you're joining us at the table. this is so interesting. whenever i talk to people that you're coming people always ask the same question that charlie asked you too. do you miss it? >> do i miss playing? >> yeah. everyone asks do you miss it? >> i don't miss playing, training, getting ready for the season but you miss being on the inside, knowing all the stuff that happens with baseball. you feel part of the club. when you're outside, you're just like every other person wondering what's happening. i feel like i'm on the outside. >> it's sort of the fun part, eerchs everyone's gearing up for the training? its is the great time. you're getting out of the cold weather. there's no pressures. even the manager is happy. >> baseball is come hanging outside, all the things that come with baseball. >> beer and hot dogs. >> i didn't get to partake in
8:46 am
that. >> cal, do you think the game's too long? >> i think there's an issue of pace of play but i don't like the duration of play. you can't say baseball is supposed to be played in this amount of time because each game happens a little differently. i wouldn't want to put a limit on games, but i would encourage the game to be played a little more briskly. the guys that know how to play, there's a pace that's really fun to be a part of and fun to watch. >> when did you first meet a-rod? >> he was 16 years old. he came to a spring training game in ft. lauderdale. >> so what's your assess mnlts of his of his future? >> his future? i can't predict his future. i met him when he was young. he was a good-hearted kid. he wanted to play baseball. i'm sure he regrets some of the things that have gone through, but at this stage of his life, i look at him and want him to enjoy baseball. >> has he done everything that's necessary to do to apologize for what he did to himself and the
8:47 am
reputation of baseball? >> well, i mean you can look at what he's done and how he's actually handled that and you could offer some criticism if you want, but in the end i think we're all throwing up our hands and saying okay, enough of all that. let's get back and play ball and focus on what's going on. it might be a little bit of a distraction for his teammates which is sad. it might be a difficult time for him to relax and enjoy the last parts of his career but my hope is he can. >> your book your latest book in the series of books that you right for kids "out at home" talked about mickey and zoom. they're on the same team but there's a little controversy between the two of them. the reason you write the book is you want to teach kids lessons about sports and good sportsmanship. >> yeah. and some of the issues that are around that we all deal with. the very first one was about my own personal experience. it was hothead. >> that was connor sullivan.
8:48 am
>> if things didn't go writeright, i threw my helmet my bat. my mom pulled me down and said that energy is good when those things happen but you should channel that in a positive direction. >> when did you start doing this? >> i always liked influencing kids in a positive way. we did some early kids books that were well received and i was a reader. i like to read. for some reason when you write issues down in a book it becomes more factual and meaningful and it's less emotional for kids to think about somebody else having an issue and then relating it back to them. >> issue. that word. you deal with all of those, bullying, hot head. all of those deal with sports manship. >> we had kids who were teased for being bigger but talent comes all over the place so it's good to accept kids for who they
8:49 am
are and we try to celebrate the individual accomplishments and also the team's fundamental aspects. >> it's a father/son coaching. did you coach your son? >> i did. >> did he like your coaching? >> i retired when i was 8. my dad wasn't around me in a coaching sense at all. the emotional part about a dad and a son he doesn't give me any credit for knowing anything about baseball. sometimes i had to go through other coaches and tell him and he would receive it in the same credible fax that he would receive it from me. >> cal rifken jr., congratulations. >> my pleasure. >> "out at home" goes on sale tomorrow. and another baseball great talks with jeff glor. >> three championships for buster posey. that's coming up on "cbs this
8:50 am
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good morning. now a third lane remains blocked in san jose. major traffic alert in effect. at least it's couldn't commute. it's this big rig that's on its side and it was hauling a load of furniture. so the one, two and three lanes are blocked southbound 101 at 880 and that connector also remains closed. and if you're traveling in the east bay, we still have this hot spot on the east shore freeway. westbound 80 it all started with a high speed chase and then a crash right after san pablo dam road. still major delays come off the bridge. in fact the drive time at the bottom of the screen, 69 minutes from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. a long slow ride if you're trying to get onto the bay bridge where the metering
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